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Posted By: patriot1314
14-Jan-07 - 06:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: smoking in uk pubs
Subject: RE: BS: smoking in uk pubs
As a smoker, I was against the ban when it was introduced here in Scotland. Not just as a smoker but because it was yet another "trial" forced on us by Westminster. Our first minister said a ban would be "unworkable". Lo and behold, weeks later he's off on a "fact finding mission" to Ireland to see how the ban there was working.
He spent 1 hour in 1 pub in Temple Bar where every pub is busy anyway because of the tourist trade and came back home intent on implementing a ban here. Now a ban will come into force soon in the rest of the UK.....Maybe just coincidence, but it's what they done with the poll tax among other things too.

However, since the ban has arrived, I find an improvement in pubs, certainly the pubs without any air conditioning system.
Going outside doesn't bother me in the slightest. In fact you find yourself chatting to people you'd never normally speak to.

The downside is, as has been stated earlier, the rise in noticing BO and farting. There is a definate stale sweaty stench now in most places.

I suppose I could give up, but you only have to log into any internet forum (this one included) and you'll find non smokers who are out in a rash, rasping coughs, eyes streaming etc at the mere sight of someone with a lighter in their hand!
Give up?......I'd rather keep my health!