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Posted By: GUEST,Desdemona
13-Jan-07 - 03:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: smoking in uk pubs
Subject: RE: BS: smoking in uk pubs
I live in Massachusetts (where smoking in pretty much any indoor space has been illegal for a few years), but spend a good deal of time in England. I love pubs--who doesn't?--and so do my 3 children, who've logged many happy childhood hours in the play areas of various fine establishments whilst the grown-ups have a pint or two. The only fly in the proverbial ointment has been the omnipresence of cigarette smoke, and I freely admit I'm glad to see the back of it.

While I have the ethical issues of any educated, thinking person regarding the tobacco industry, as things stand it remains a personal choice if someone wants to spend their money on it and smoke it. I in no way suppport the government (or anyone else, for that matter) telling people "how to live their lives" in terms of personal choices, but frankly it seems to me more a matter of common courtesy than something that should *have* to be legislated in the first place. If a person makes the choice to smoke, that's his or her decision, but to assume that people who choose not to smoke should be comfortable with or accepting of inhaling their exhalations seems at best thoughtless and at worst dangerous to people who may have respiratory problems, etc. If someone is in a public place and wants to smoke, they can go outside: anyone should be perfectly free to have a cigarette if they want to, but that doesn't mean that non-smokers are obliged to have one, too.

I, for one, am looking forward to amuch more pleasant UK trip this summer.