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Posted By: Lanfranc
30-Dec-06 - 12:26 PM
Thread Name: New Year's Day session, Stanstead Abbott
Subject: RE: New Year's Day session, Stanstead Abbott

Thanks for the concern, gang. I'm out, a bit battered and woozy after the op, with a left arm that is back to having just one elbow joint again but which has a new fissure from elbow to shoulder held together by 40-odd little metal staples and a bruise that has started to change from black to a fetching shade of brown.

Fitting my new titanium humerus reinforcement took a while longer this time, because they had to remove the one that got bent in the accident and dig the bits of broken screw out of the bone. However, I have more mobility in my arm today than I had yesterday, which is an obvious improvement. I'm under medical instruction not to try to play guitar until I have my post-op visit to the clinic on 8th January, and driving is still a no-no for several weeks and sailing for even longer. Hope I get a pretty physiotherapist!

Practising "Sir Patrick Spens" and an a capella version of "A Hard Rain" in the hope of making it along on Monday afternoon. You have been warned!