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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
06-Mar-00 - 08:58 PM
Thread Name: Your favorite cowboy/western folk songs
Subject: RE: Your favorite cowboy/western folk songs
Nope, sorry, lost them in a paper purge we had last year. All I remember is the chorus that went something like: So stay for a while ere you leave me
And ...... something like return to the West
And remember the Red River Valley,
And the maiden who loved you the best.

The verse I referred to said something like 'when you lie with the white girl you married, remember the red loved you more.... or something of that sentiment. I really wish I knew where I could find it. Mind you, there was a pretty good version on the Slim Whitman album of the same name, back in 1970something.

Of course, I am probably wrong and someone will come up with the proper version, sometime, I don't care.... I'm terrible at remembering songs anyway....

But I do remember the bit about the longhorn cow, we used to sing that at guides! Wasn't it the theme from some James Stewart film?