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Posted By: Craig 1
11-Dec-06 - 05:58 AM
Thread Name: Damaged vocal Folds through Throat Clear
Subject: Damaged vocal Folds through Throat Clear
Hello Everyone,

My name is Craig and I just stumbled across this site,and Im really glad I did because it seems really interesting.

Anyway,My problem is a worrying one and I am completley gutted over it.A few years ago I had a good smooth singing voice and I really loved to sing but for the last few years I have had a horrible disgusting problem with phlem on the back of my throat and through this I have constantly had to clear my throat and done this for years and because of this I have damaged my vocal folds,I know this because I can not hit the same notes as I used to be able to hit and I am so frustrated over this because I would love to try and make a career from singing.I feel like the damage has been done now and there is proberbly nothing I can do about it but if anyone can give me any good advice about restoring my voice I would be so grateful.