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Posted By: Abby Sale
06-Mar-00 - 04:52 PM
Thread Name: Query: Lassie wi' the yellow coatie
Subject: RE: Query: Lassie wi' the yellow coatie
Ah. MacColl's Scots Folk Songs One of the records the wife & I both had when we met back in the early 1600's. Still have both records. Neither have the booklet. Also on Scots Popular Songs. My SPS has the book but no glossing here. And many, many Mondegreens & typos.


I ha kale and cakes fee dainty

MacColl gives "fo'" For 'full' or 'fully' Usually 'completely' (as in completely drunk but could be any usage of it) Kale is a common Scottish variety of cabbage. "Dainty" is 'dainty.'

I've a but an ben

A small cottage (used this way.) Just an outer & an inner room.

fee genty

This will be "fo' genty" - very genteel - neat - tidy.

But I want a wife like thee

But not necessarily her? I'm not sure here. Well, he does propose in the chorus & the song goes on that he's got all this stuff but he still needs a wife. Still, maybe he realizes that once he has the wife he won't have the stuff anymore. Hard to reckon, that.

Tho my mallen be but small

This is definitely not a sexual reference. Usually "mailen" but any spelling will do. A small farm or, more usually, a tennant-farm.

SPS gives "Will ye wed a mewlin jokie?" in the chorus. So if ever you feel you (or on one of those staggeringly - near impossible occasions, DT) maybe got it wrong - don't fret. Here's Folkways - generally superb in the notes, at its very worst. Should be 'muirlan Jockie' - a Scots country lad from the moors -.

Really a pretty song. Attributed to James Duff in 1816.