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Posted By: Azizi
07-Dec-06 - 07:20 PM
Thread Name: Help with playing 'Chinese Jump Rope'
Subject: RE: Chinese Jump Rope
Myrtle, thanks for sharing your memories of playing Chinese jumprope.

I can't remember this activity when I was growing up.

I do remember jumping single's rope {with two others turning the rope, or me being one of the "enders"}. And I remember enjoying watching others jump Double Dutch. But I could never get the hang of how to turn those two ropes used for jumping Double Dutch. Nor could I ever master the art of jumping Double Dutch.

Btw, I can't remember if kids recited rhymes while jumping Double Dutch-if so the jumpers didn't say the rhymes-maybe it was the people twirling the rope {I can't remember. It was toooo long ago}. I seem to recall that the two enders turning the rope for [single]jump rope were the ones who said the rhymes. And I think that other kids waiting for their turn would also join in. But Double Dutch-I just can't remember. Maybe I was too focused on trying to 'get' the technique of turning the ropes and doing the jumps that I didn't focus on whether rhymes were chanted or not.

Anyway, it seems that nowadays folks {female and male adults, teens and children} don't do Double Dutch to chanted rhymes. Instead, it appears that folks usually jump without any music at all. Or-for competitions, they may jump to uptempo R&B or hip-hop music.

Plus the routines are much more acrobatic {if that is a word}.

For an example of what I mean, see these two YouTube clips:

Silver Medal Double Dutch Pairs!

Added July 10, 2006; From purduemo


freestyle skipping

Added March 06, 2006 ; From OLIANA