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Posted By: Myrtle
07-Dec-06 - 02:57 PM
Thread Name: Help with playing 'Chinese Jump Rope'
Subject: RE: Chinese Jump Rope
Just been scanning some old family slides onto cd, and coincidentally found some of myself 'chinese skipping'. We used to play this for hours, and at home when there was no-one to play with, I would stretch the elastic between the wooden slats of the open garden gates!
Can't remember any rhymes, but the game I remember is a s follows: First pattern was: jump to land between the elastics, jump and straddle them, holding the elastic between ankles, jump and twist (so that both elastics held in an 's' between ankles), jump and kick legs to free elastic, and land with both feet between elastic. Jump out and repeat facing opposite way.
Next pattern we did was diamonds: standing outside elastic and feet tog, toes under one strand, jump over second strand, carrying first strand with you, so that you stand in a diamond of elastic. Jump to free elastic, landing between both strands, then jump to outside, opposite side from start.. face opposite way from previous time and repeat.
Next came a more intricate diamond; standing r. side to elastic, jump both feet, gahering nearest strand with r foot, and carrying it over second strand so that r. foot is in an elastic diamond and L. foot outside both strands. Jump to free R. foot, landing with both feet between strands Jump out and repeat from other side.
Last pattern was like the one described by Becky, but after landing on furthest strand, you jumped backwards onto strand behind you and off. You then jumped across both strands and repeated the pattern from the other side. Every pattern was done mirror wise, from each side, or facing each way.
Sorry for long longest ever, but I LOVED Chinese skipping, and always thought it was specific to 60s york (UK). I only ever made it up to knee high, and nearly drove my Mother demented with constant wingeing for more elastic!!!
Thanks for reviving happy memories!
regards, Myrtle.