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Posted By: GUEST
06-Dec-06 - 08:31 PM
Thread Name: Help with playing 'Chinese Jump Rope'
Subject: RE: Chinese Jump Rope
Here are some chinese skipping games I remember....

Starting at the ankle level, then up to knee level, then up to bum level, then up to waist level, and surprisingly we went up to armpit level and the on odd occassion of shoulder level. The rope is stretched between two people and we normally started with chanting 2,4,6,8 (going from one side to other side with your feet straddling the rope) and then in (both feet inside) out (both feet outside) on both feet on top of rope.

Then there was the skinny version that we move up to once that level has all been achieved where the rope is stretched between two people each with one leg. And once again chanting the 2,4,6,8 in out on.

With each succession we change the play a little bit, such as playing where your feet was not allowed to touch the rope while jumping back and forth except for the final "on". And then a version where we shake the rope making it a little harder for people to jump.

We also played a version called high jump where the rope was held by hand where the players goal was to make it over the rope where anything below the waist was not allowed to have the body touching the rope. We went as far as "sky" where we would just hold the rope as high as we can reach. Being young and agile the moves where definitely they pose to be quite a problem.