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Posted By: InOBU
04-Mar-00 - 11:59 PM
Thread Name: Questions re: Come Out Black & Tans?
Subject: RE: Questions re: Come Out Black & Tans?
McGrath, old friend:
You bring up a good point, and a good song. There is a rarely sung sean nos song about the murder at Ballyseedy of Rubublicans by free staters who bound them to, and exploded a land mine, killing all but one. The young woman I heard the song from had the honnor of singing it to the lone survivor. It is would be a great diservice to so many to wait until they all are dead to remember their sacrifices to Ireland.
Further, the best way to repete history, is not to remember, but to forget.
As to being on the other side of the Atlantic, if it were not for policies of forced migration, there would not be so many Irish Americans. Now I know some of you are going to pipe in - blaiming the birth rate, and with 55 milion Irish Americans, that is not a completely bad point. There would just be more republicans, in Ireland, in the north, if it were not for the shoot to kill policy, arrest without warrent, trial without jurry, unequal housing and job oppertunities and all the host of other reasons that over the past decades created an environment wherein the nationalist community could not sustain a majority colectively after the majority of so many individualy speaking - pardon the pun.
Well, with out a divergence of points of view, there would be no horse races, and then where would Ireland be?