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23-Nov-06 - 12:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bad day in Dallas
Subject: RE: BS: Bad day in Dallas
I was sitting in my Freshman Science Survey class. I was non-plussed. I wasn't really surprised. Some of the girls started crying and I thought "Oh Brother". I figured it was a.) the Communists b.) the Mafia or c.) some bootlegger's revenge. I was a kid, politically naive and certainly not invested emotionally. Over the years I became aware of the enormity of the event, how it changed and how it hurt America, regardless of my own political views. As this Country slipped more toward hedonism, secularism, socialism, relative ethics, polarization in general, I realized that Kennedy was a pretty good guy after all, strong, visionary, resolute, regardless of his family history and his personal foibles. I realized what a mistake LBJ was and how good it was that Nixon didn't win against Kennedy. I doubt Kennedy could get elected today as he was a little to the right of where Lieberman stands . If its not too late I will mourn him today and tomorrow and hope this nation never has to endure such an outrage again.