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Posted By: InOBU
03-Mar-00 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: Questions re: Come Out Black & Tans?
Subject: RE: Questions re: Come Out Black & Tans?
Dear mcmoo:
I hope I was not missunderstood in that you felt I was casting dispersions on your knowlege of Irish history. Rather, what I refer to is a culutral trend towards denial and putting aside certain knowelege, which then must be reclaimed in the future. For example, compaired to the huge impact on the history of Ireland, there is comperably few songs about it, unlike military defetes, there seems to have been a deep felt feeling of shame associated with the horror.
Personaly, I would be careful about how and when I would sing most republican songs anywhere, so that there they are presented in the spirit of these times. For example, one of the few songs of that ilk I perform of late, is the riddle of the rum, a song from the United Mens uprising, which many think is anti protestant as there is a line about keeping the fires of liberty blazing, - til we extinguish Luthors creed and Georges generation -. As I introduce it, I point out that it is in fact, a protestant republican song, which was meant at the time, to endorce the adoption of French Humanist religion. I have allways felt there is more chance of reconcillition by getting to know as much about all sides as possible, the cure to speach one dislikes, like here at mudcat, is more speach.
As always, the best
Is mise le meas!