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Posted By: Azizi
19-Nov-06 - 10:24 AM
Thread Name: Why do our songs last so long ?
Subject: RE: Why do our songs last so long ?
My first thought after hearing that Scottish waulking clip is how much it sounds like traditional African, and traditional Native American music. It's not just the call & response but also the percussive tune that reminds me of African and Native American music.
Perhaps other folks here might think that clip reminds them of completely different ethnic music.

I remember reading an article or book some time ago in which the author theorized that call & response was the beginning pattern of music for all people throughout the world. The author then took the position that one sign of increased civilization was when people left call & response behind and graduated to more complicated forms of musical construction...

While I didn't like [and still don't like that pre-civilization theory], maybe there's some truth in the author's belief that call & response songs are found throughout the world.

[It occurs to me that this conversation may be off topic of the thread's focus on "why our songs last so long". But maybe it's not off topic at all...and if it is maybe it's a sidebar conversation that would be of interest to other folks besides me].