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Posted By: Azizi
19-Nov-06 - 02:17 AM
Thread Name: Why do our songs last so long ?
Subject: RE: Why do our songs last so long ?
Yes, yes I know that preview should be my friend, but instead I tend to cut, paste, and run.


Let me try that first question again:

if I understood you correctly, in your 13 Nov 06 - 03:57 PM comment to you gave an example of a Senegalese student of yours use traditional African instruments as well as modern electronic instruments to create what you considered to be a traditional composition"


And since I'm here, let me post this example from Youtube:

African Queen by 2Face Idibia

This song is a huge contemporary hit song from Nigeria, West Africa.

I posted that video hyperlink on Mudcat's thread.cfm?threadid=95631&messages=180#1865855 along with this comment:

"This is a very high quality video of a very catchy tune. The beat sounds like reggae to me, but it might be another genre of music. Imo, the singer has a great voice.

The video shows the traditional kora {or a kora like instument} being played as part of this song's accompaniment."

Darowyn, am I correct in assuming that you would not categorize this song as a new/traditional song even though it's instrumentation includes a kora?

[Actually, I was just looking for an excuse to include this song on more threads. It has a catchy tune and positive lyrics.
Plus, I love its visuals]