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Posted By: Azizi
19-Nov-06 - 01:58 AM
Thread Name: Why do our songs last so long ?
Subject: RE: Why do our songs last so long ?
You're welcome, Soldier Boy.


if I understood you correctly, in your 13 Nov 06 - 03:57 PM comment to you gave an example of a Senegalese student of yours use traditional African instruments as well as modern electronic instruments to create what you considered to be a aand Indian {East Indian?} students creating traditionaland a "perfect piece of traditional African music" .

You also wrote "I've seen classical Indian musicians use a Korg Triton in my own studio too."

I'm assuming that a Korg Triton is some newfangled electronic or computerized system and not the name of some monster from the deep lagoon.

Btw, did you mean East Indian musicians? Not that it matters in the context of this question about classical musicians using
non-acoustic instruments or equipment [if that is the right word] to create traditional or traditional-like compositions.

And lastly, Darowyn, you wrote that "...Call and response work songs are common in the Gaelic tradition for both male and female".

Would you please share an example or examples of those songs and/or online sources if any for information and examples of those songs?

Thank you!