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Posted By: InOBU
02-Mar-00 - 10:55 PM
Thread Name: Questions re: Come Out Black & Tans?
Subject: RE: Questions re: Come Out Black & Tans?
Funny how in this day and age we turn away from songs that contradict the revisionist history as put forward in the Irish schools these days. In fact, the song memorializes the fact that in the Republic, once upon a time, the same human rights abuses common in the northern counties was once common place. In order to buy the criminaliation policy of Britain towards the same insurection that gave you your Irish passport, one has to turn away from the actions of the Auxies, Black and Tans, the Essex regiment - who exicuted prisoners and behaved in ways the the civilized world found to be repugnant. My band happens not to do republican songs often, as in the US, most Irish Americans treat them as fight songs, with little real knowlege of the republican movement - however, there are hugely knowlegable Irish and Irish american audiences as well, and for them, sometimes I sing the more obscure ones. I urge you not to turn away from Irelands past, but incorporate it into your understanding of the present. And finally, to quote my old late friend Bill Kunstler, never trust your government, who ever they are.
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