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Posted By: Darowyn
13-Nov-06 - 03:57 PM
Thread Name: Why do our songs last so long ?
Subject: RE: Why do our songs last so long ?
Having spent some time with West African musicians over the past few years, I can testify to the constant refreshing of the tradition from many sources.
A Senegalese student of mine recorded a set of songs in Dacca within the Griot tradition, using traditional African instruments, Halam, Kora, Djembe, Fender Precision Bass, Korg Triton Synth, and the flute solo was synthesized using a Midi guitar.
The result- a perfect piece of traditional African music.
A visitor to Africa today would find Rap and Reggae everywhere. Both genres have African precursors, but it is a re-import on an even greater scale than when the British Invasion of the sixties brought the blues back to the USA.
I've seen classical Indian musicians use a Korg Triton in my own studio too.
On another point, Call and response work songs are common in the Gaelic tradition for both male and female tasks.
Finally to answer the question that heads the thread,
It's the survival of the fittest. Songs evolve or become extinct according to how effective they are in the society of the day.
Darwinism exemplified!