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Posted By: SharonA
09-Nov-06 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: How to answer a woman when she...
Subject: RE: BS: How to answer a woman when she...
The problem with Chongo's original post is that he's talking about two different kinds of questions:

"Do these jeans make my rear end look too big?" Different clothing styles are intended for different body types. For instance, here is a page displaying all of the different styles of Levi's jeans for women -- no less than EIGHTY-FIVE of 'em: all Levi's jeans for women (and you wonder why it takes us so long to try on clothes!) A style that enhances one body type will not look as good on another body type. So, in the case of this question, the woman may well be seeking information, not validation. If the clothing really does not make the woman look her best, regardless of the size of her naked butt, the best answer would be to ask what other styles she's tried on... and, if you KNOW that another style in particular makes her look better, suggest that style choice to her.

"Do you think my nose is too big?" or "Do you think my feet are too big?" Now we're talking about insecurities and the need for validation. Plastic surgery might reduce the size of a nose (though I don't know if it can help feet at all), but any surgery involves risks of complications and my own personal feeling is that it should be avoided unless medically necessary. I'm also anti-Botox (why inject poison into yourself just to make it look like you've been stung by a bee??). Maybe the answer is to tell the woman that you love her too much to let any sawbones cut her up, implant implants in her or suck fat out of her just to fatten his own wallet.

Unfortunately, there are too many men out there who leave good women for good-looking women. Hence the insecurity of the good women, and so much in our media-frenzied culture feeds on that insecurity. It's all driven by greed on the part of those industries that want women to pay them for superficial stuff, to literally BUY into that impossible-to-achieve physical "perfection".