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Posted By: GUEST,Chongo Chimp
05-Nov-06 - 04:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: How to answer a woman when she...
Subject: RE: BS: How to answer a woman when she...
Yeah, you can do that...but then she's got you at an emotional disadvantage from the getgo, and she'll keep workin' on it...and she'll still be insecure all the time anyway cos she won't really believe you think her nose ain't too big. She'll keep comin' back to you with the same old problem, and sayin' "I love you" won't be enough after awhile. Soon you will have to buy her flowers and candy and take her out to a swanky joint just to get her halfway toward bein' happy. She'll get moody sometimes without no reason and burst into tears and she'll end up blamin' you for it. You will find yourself jumpin' through hoops tryin' to convince her that her nose is "just fine", and she won't buy it. The harder you try, the deeper the hole gets. One day you look up and realize you can't see daylight anymore cos that hole has got so deep. And then what? She leaves you, because it's all your fault that things went sour.

Ha! I seen it enough times. The tender trap. Never give your power away to your partner just for the sake of a moment's peace, cos peace is not what you will find at the end of the line.