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Posted By: Mark Dowding
01-Nov-06 - 06:34 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Jumping Jack (Oldham Tinkers)
Subject: Lyr Add: JUMPING JACK (Eric Holt)
This is a poem by Eric Holt and has been performed with two different tunes by the Oldham Tinkers and Harry Boardman

(Eric Holt)

Watch him go yon gradely prancer
Tapping toes and clacking heels
Jumping Jack, he's t' best clog dancer
E'er stepped out wi jigs and reels

Twisting turning pointing prancing
Whilst t'owd fiddle sings away
Leeter than a feather dancing
On a breeze i' t' month o' May

Watch yon childer clap together
Keeping time to t' click and clack
Summer, Winter, ony weather
They come out for Jumping Jack

Carnivals can't do wi'out 'im
Churches want him for t' bazaars
Ower sixties wain't be bowt him
Sooner him than telly stars

Pair on Pair of clogs he's battered
Still his pins are straight and true
As on t' day when first he clattered
In new clogs when he were two

Jack lad keep thi toes i' fettle
Make our spirits gay and leet
Though thi clogs are shod wi' iron
We find gowd i' them two feet