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Posted By: Muttley
01-Nov-06 - 07:19 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: a poem called 'Mr. Nobody'
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: a poem called 'Mr. Nobody'
I saw that title scrolling through following a thread I posted (just checking to see if there was anything else of interest).

That title just leapt out at me: I was SURE I remembered it from somewhere - and I thought I even knew some of the "intent" of the poem.

How delighted was I when I read the words and found them to be EXACTLY the ones from a poem I thought delightful when reading and learning in High School. We had to learn (at least) two poems by rote that year and one was Mr.Nobody, the other was Tarantella.

Actually we had to memorise 3 or 4 by "decree" and a couple more by choice. One of my choices was an old Yorkshire poem; learned not because it was short but because it was in Yorkshire dialect and I could mimic my Grandmother's Scottish / Yorkshire accent to a 'tee' and so had the 'short' poem allowed:

It was
As I went up my Umligumli; Umgligumligeeni
There I saw Sir Ackamajack eating my Alicofeeni
Oh if I'd had my Ansicansi; Ansicansikeensi
Oh wouldn't I give it Sir Ackamajack
For eating my Alicofeeni

Translated it reads
As I walked up my garden path
I saw a pig eating my potatoes
Oh If I had my stick
I'd hit that pig for eating my potatoes!

However; back to the poem Mr.Nobody - as I said, I had to learn IT and though over 30 years later I could still remember much of Tarantella and was amazed when; after looking it up on the 'Net, I realized I still knew MOST of it: I couldn't recall ANY of Mr.Nobody - just the intent of the poem.

Thanks SO much for jogging my memory and providing once again those poignant words - I am going to copy them off and place them in a folder alongside my saved rendition of Tarantella!