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Posted By: Ron Davies
07-Oct-06 - 05:39 PM
Thread Name: Tower Records - to be liquidated (and rise again)
Subject: RE: Tower Records - to be liquidated

Amen. Interesting that you would observe that in a UK store. Jan and I have always had the same experience every time we went to a Tower location here in the Washington DC area. We had to rush as fast as possible through the first section--since the godawful music they played was so loud--to get to the classical section.

By this attitude, Tower has insured that we bought very few country and oldies CD's there--which we might well have bought--and instead buy LOTS online.

i-Tunes has also been devastating for Tower--and other bricks-and -mortar operations---since with i-Tunes you can cherry-pick to your heart's content--get only the songs you want--and make your own CD's.

But, as you state, Tower's own policies hastened its demise.