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Posted By: GUEST
29-Sep-06 - 05:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Islamic Truth
Subject: RE: BS: Islamic Truth
"Couldn't agree with you more. As Malcolm X would have said (and did say) the chickens are coming home to roost. U.S. foreigh policy has been creating enemies since the Eisenhower Administration.

The difference this time around is that they're fighting back-
Hay! don't they know better than to mess with Uncle Sam?- something the U.S. isn't used to, having for so long having irrationally considered itself "exempt" from the troubles the rest of the world had to face.

No more.

However, the "Muslim Menace" is just the bogeyman du jour, taking the place of the Late Lamented Commies & before them the Eastern European
immigrants were going to destroy America, and before them the Catholics & on & on & on."

So, the meanace is real, and because of our past policies, but also imaginary? Pick one, and argue it- That way you have SOME chance of being correct.