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Posted By: akenaton
28-Sep-06 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Islamic Truth
Subject: RE: BS: Islamic Truth
Greg...regarding "a largely phantom Islamic terror".
A couple of years ago we discussed on Mudcat what would happen if Islamic fundamentalists really wanted to destroy Western society.

It seemed so simple for a group of dedicated people who embraced the ideology of martyrdom to cause such panic among the populations of major Western cities that the economy would fail and public services be overun.
A biological attack seems the most likely scenario, as it would be so easy to achieve and the terror quotient so high.
Have no illusions,this senario can and may well be put into practice if we continue to pressurise these madmen.
We seem to be sleepwalking into a possible nightmare, and phases like "a largely phantom Islamic terror" are most unhelpful.
We should realise that our foreign policy is putting us all in grave danger.
We can only push so long until the dam bursts and we are washed to oblivion