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Posted By: GUEST,Jack Campin
28-Sep-06 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: Recorders type/range?
Subject: RE: Recorders type/range?
There are several different fingering systems for recorders. The commonest are the "English" or "Baroque" system and the "German" system (invented in the 1920s). But there were others in the Renaissance - my Mollenhauer G alto modelled on an original by Kynseker uses an extra finger to get the C sharp, and my Susato plastic-pipe G alto does something similar in the low register while actinbg like a conventional "baroque" recorder in the upper one. I have a Hopf F alto that gives a rather flat F sharp with the usual fingering -12- ---- and a slightly sharp one with -1-3 ---- (okay for playing in meantone). Some C recorders need T12- 12-- for both G sharp and A flat, others play that as a meantone A flat and use T12- 123- for G sharp, or may be designed so you use T12-12*- (half holing with the ring finger) to get an equally tempered G sharp/A flat. Ganassi's system from the 16th century is *very* different, with some wildly complicated ways of getting the highest notes. Then there are some modern recorders like Tarasov's, designed to get extra-high notes or play microtonally, which use different fingerings across much of the range.

The more expensive your recorder the more likely it is to deviate from the standard Dolmetsch fingerings. For any recorder, it's worth checking whether the fingerings in the chart actually get the pitches they're supposed to - there will usually be a way of correcting it if they don't.