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Posted By: akenaton
28-Sep-06 - 04:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Islamic Truth
Subject: RE: BS: Islamic Truth
I agree with most of what Greg writes on many threads, but it would be a mistake to try to excuse Islamic fundamentalism, by comparing those madmen to our madmen.
There are similarities between how Fundamentalist Islam and Fundamentalist christianity is applied as a tool of manipulation, but the reaction achieved is very different.

Osama and his henchmen are not mad , they are politicians doing what politicians always do, but their disciples are stark raving!

Be that as it may, all we can do if we are sincere is to try to keep ourselves safe and avoid making a bad situation worse.
We must hope that something arises from within Islam itself to temper the jihadists and bring back sanity.

Making war on nations full of religious fanatics is another kind of madness and is certain to end in the desruction of "civilisation"

This is arguably no bad thing for humanity, but is not what the neocons visualise...Ake