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Posted By: JohnInKansas
27-Sep-06 - 06:04 PM
Thread Name: help? Entry Level mandolin
Subject: RE: help? Entry Level mandolin
Depending on the musical background and intentions for use of the new mandolin, there is always the quandary about whether to get something cheap to learn on, and plan to get something better as(if) proficiency develops, or whether to try to get something good enough to last "forever."

Most people spend some time debating (with themselves) about the proper answer to this question, and some people simply agonize over it interminably.

The REAL ANSWER to the question of which way to go is:

                     IT DOESN'T MATTER.

The reason that it doesn't matter is that it is a forgone conclusion that

                     YOU WILL WANT ANOTHER MANDO,

usually about a year after the first one if good progress comes your way. You probably will buy another one - undoubtedly more expensive than whatever you start with, regardless of how good or bad the first one was.

Most people who recommend a particular "brand" as "best" are probably assuming that the new mando beginner will have the same talents and ambitions as the one making the recommendation. This usually isn't a very safe thing to assume without some knowledge of the person making the choices.

A different set of considerations probably should apply to a musician already accomplished on another instrument who wants to double (and perform) on mando as "another instrument," than would be applicable to a person with no stringed instrument experience starting from scratch for "personal pleasure" and with no professional ambitions. There are of course many variations between those two extremes.