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Posted By: GUEST,Tom Bliss
25-Sep-06 - 04:20 AM
Thread Name: Recorders type/range?
Subject: RE: Recorders type/range?
Agree about the sound of a cheap recorder - likewise the violin. Why do teachers insist on starting kids off on instruments that make a really nasty noise you've finally mastered them? Beginners need to be rewarded with nice sounds from the off, so that they'll want to persevere and progress with joy and pleasure. The melodica is a much better starter than recorder or fiddle, or even the mouth organ - success from note one! And while we're at it, why do teachers inisist on plonking music in front of young kids? They should learn to listen and feel, then they'll always be able to play by ear, and only once they've got a handle on the whole thing should they try using the shortcut we call manuscript. That's how we learn to speak and then write (years later), and music is merely another language. Makes me mad to see young talent being trammelled in this way - so the poor dears are then stuck having to peer at sheets of squiggly lines for the rest of their lives!

If Bobby Shaftoe doesn't seem to fit the recorder that Joy has bought, she should just start on a different note and pick out the tune from there. All the fingers on the left hand is easiest for the first note in this case. The key doesn't matter one jot.

Enjoying the tune is all that counts!