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Posted By: GUEST,Joel Jacklich
31-Aug-06 - 03:12 PM
Thread Name: Mexican Music - German Origins?
Subject: RE: Mexican Music - German Origins?
There is a connection to the German sound of NorteƱo music from Mexico's border area with the U.S (Sonora, etc.). Maximillian's army had European mercenaries in it, among them Germans, Austrians, etc. Although European ballroom music (waltzes, polkas, schottisches, etc.) had been popular in Mexico pre-Maximillian, once he took the throne, that type of music really flourished. When his wife fled to Europe to seek aid for his floundering government, and later when Maximillian was captured and executed, many members of his court fled to Europe. Many soldiers could have fled also, but many had married Mexican wives. Space being limited in the escaping ships, there was not enough room. Many soldiers stayed with their new families, rather than leave without them. The victorious Mexicans were none too happy about these European mercenaries, and pursued many of them. Many of these mercenaries fled north across the Sonoran desert where the Mexicans thought the desert would finish them off. They survived, however, and settled down in the north of Mexico.    Their music becane a staple there also. (Look at singer Linda Ronstadt--nice Germanic name. She is from that area. Think great-grandaddy might have been one of Maximillian's soldiers? I don'tknow. Just asking.)