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Posted By: Gene
20-Feb-00 - 11:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: copywright question - not mudcat related
Subject: RE: BS: copywright question - not mudcat related
EASY CREATE CD comes with a program called
SPIN DOCTOR - a program that automatically
separates and saves the songs on a CASSETTE into
individual WAV files. [looks good on paper]
I spent the better part of 2 hours last night
transferring a CASSETTE just to the Hard Drive.

Side 1 worked perfectly - the songs were stored
on HD as individual UNNAMED tracks...
[You have to re/name with titles if desired]

Side 2 was a different story...probably due
to the the SHORT BREAKS between tracks...
a KEY feature in allowing the tracks to be
separated...all 7 tracks were stored INTACT
as a SINGLE 180Mb file...

I had to use my Sound144/DAT program to visually
INSPECT and EDIT the 180Mb track into individual

Re/Trying the AUTO Track separate function failed.

I realized TOO LATE that it would have been
quicker to RE/RECORD the songs and manually
allow for MORE SEPARATION between the songs
but again, THAT TAKES TIME ALSO...You have to
stay right there with finger on the trigger
at END and START of each song....

I have recorded thousands of individual songs
to Hard Drive and transferred to CD as both
MP3 format and as CD quality files...
but this was my first attempt at recording
a complete Album/Cassette to CD...