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Posted By: JesseW
22-Aug-06 - 03:43 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: I'll Take Vanilla (w/tune)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: I'll Take Vanilla (w/tune)
Wheeee! That's a lovely song. And thanks ever so much for posting the tune with it; it's always so frustrating to find a great song and be unable to sing it due to not knowing the tune. However, I have a few confusions as to what notes go with what words; I've posted my best guess below, please post a corrected one if I'm wrong. (I'm using the lyrics method from the draft 2.0 ABC standard)

What does the "," in the 2nd measure mean? I haven't been able to find any reference to a comman in the ABC standard (I'm probably just missing it...)

The following lines don't seem to fit in the ABC you posted: "(Ice cream for me)!"

T:I'll Take Vanilla
   D4   D4 | E2 D2 B ,3z|G4   G4    |
w: I'll take| va-nil-la, |just plain |
   A2 G2 E3 z|G2 B2 B2 B2| G2 A2    A2 G2 | F2 G4 z2|
w: va-nil-la. |Va-nil-la is| the spice of life| for me! |
   D4   D4   | E2   D2 B   ,3z|
w: Some girls| like li-quor. |
   G4   G4   |A2 G2   E3 z|
w: That makes me sick-er. |
   G2      B2   B2 B2 | G2 A2 A2 G2   | F2 G4 z2|
w: There's kick en-ough| in old ice cream| for me |
   d4 c4 | B4   A4| BA   G2    B A   G2|    BAG2B2A2|G2DEF2|
w: You can| talk of| your walks in the moon-light's pale beams.
w: But a girl can't go wrong on vanilla ice cream!
   G4      G4 | A2 G2 E3 z|
w: So~I'll take| va-nil-la. |
   G2   B2    B2 B2 |G2 A2 A2 G2| F2    G5 z|]
w: Just plain va-nil-la (Va-nil-la, Dear, I hear you calling me!)

As you can see, it's obviously not fitting well... Any help appreciated!