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Posted By: Anne Cormack
01-Feb-97 - 01:08 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Red Yo Yo (Matt McGinn)
Subject: Lyr Add: RED YO YO (Matt McGinn)
Here's the rest -

(3) The kids left their pencils and papers and stencils
To knock on the doors a' aroon.
And as they went rapping and ringing and chapping
They asked a' the folk o' the toon.

(4) The polis soon learned and they were so concerned
That they left a' their murders aside,
The whole of the force was alerted of course,
And they went on the telly and cried.

(5) All over the country the commons and gentry
Were watching their wee TV screen,
Things really got goin' son when President Clinton
Received an appeal from the Queen.

(6) The wires they were tremblin' when he phoned the Kremlin
To ask aboot Annie's yo-yo,
But Yeltsin agrees wi' the greatest of speed,
They should raise it before U.N.O.

(7) In Peking and Paris and a' round the Barras
The people they searched high and low,
Till finally Annie announced that her Granny
Had bought her another yo-yo.

Last Chorus: And it was a red yo-yo, red yo-yo, red yo-yo,
And it was a red yo-yo wi' a wee yellow string.

Note: I've up-dated the political leaders, which seems to go down well with the audiences I've had!

Also, in the version I know it's the "darlin'" wee Annie, not "darin'." The Folk Process strikes again....

Have fun - as I said, it always goes down well - the chorus is easy and gets everybody going. Good luck. Anne

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