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Posted By: 282RA
26-Jul-06 - 04:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Gospel of Shatner
Subject: RE: BS: The Gospel of Shatner
Reasons I worship the Holy Shatner and why you should too:

He can't sing to save his life, in fact, true to form, he oversings.

·His commercials were bewildering in their underlying metaphor.

·Overacting is a true art, not something any ol' Joe can pull off effectively. Underacting (e.g. Chuck Norris) just plain sucks. Overacting requires the true dedication of a venerable master.

·Someone told me He apparently cheated on His college exams. I cheated on His exams too.

·He's really Jewish, ya know.

·His hairpiece looks like a Phil Mickelson divit.

·The other Star Trek cast members don't like him much.

·He probably murdered his wife but was never charged making him smarter or luckier than Robert Blake—possibly both.

·His overacting went perfect with the cheesy plane wing gremlin and the cheap plastic fortune-telling devil in the diner in those old Twilight Zone episodes.

·He once told a group of hopeless adult trekkies to "get a life."

As it turns out, I venerate him for all the same reason Amos doesn't and if that ain't enough to convince you, nothing will.