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Posted By: Amos
15-Feb-00 - 08:19 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Island Folk Festival
Subject: RE: BS: Mudcat Island Folk Festival
Steady with those ball-bearings, Mr Queeg. Mbo, if ye're out of sorts from all that baking (as I can well imagine) just find yoursel' a hammock rolled up for'd in the focs'le, pop the stops off it and wrap up for a rest. If te ask nicely I think CLeigh has a hosepipe to cool those hot rocks. Hey, on ye're way throw that damn sock overboard someone left on the quarterdeck!

I see a green-clad red-headed Goddess down yonder on the strand,
And i hear a fiddle dancing high, and she's hold out a hand
So on this blessed salted rock, a second night we'll stay
While the crew cavorts, and the ship awaits, and I dance the night away!

He crosses the tidelines to a greenish glow which gradually crystallizes in the evening shore breeze into the ineffably lovely form of TGG, fresh from punishing unbelievers on hockety rinks all across the west and banishing them to the Ice Capades for eternity.

The fiddleis playing a high mournful air in waltz time and the Skipper and the Gaelic goddess waltz merrily along the tideline, splashing in the quiet Atlantic surf as the moon rises slow and the clouds retire, leaving the sky ablaze with the sparkle of ten thousand summer jewels touched with the Moon's own blessings...and another night of madcap Mudcat merriment unfolds.