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Posted By: wysiwyg
15-Feb-00 - 01:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: Dreaming Never-Made Instruments
Subject: RE: BS: Dreaming Never-Made Instruments
Okie, I am somewhat stopped cold by the concept in the essay you blue clickied, the "essence of "banjo-ness" -- as our home is already imbued with more essence of banjo-ness than the incense permeating a high-church Anglican on Christmas Eve. Both conditions in fact describe my husband and if anyone tells him another string is possible I must seek an alternative to marriage. Just kidding.

I dreamed instruments several times while dreamsttrolling through vast storehouses of antiques. Each room held an incredible detail of fascinating items, floor to ceiling, and many of the items were instruments. In these dreams I played them all, each one being the sort you could just pick up and instantly know what to do with it.

One dream focused on different things that would play like Hammered Dulcimers, but be ergonomincally geared to some physical problems I have. One was a cube shaped hassock frame, strung in all dimensions with beaded glistening strings which responded to the slightest movement of air in its direction. Another was a large U-shaped vibraphone or marimba sort of thing. The player would step into the bend of the U and be surrounded with concentric rows and rows of tubes of all pitches and tone colors. These would be struck with mallets. Some of the tubes were crystal and someone told me once it sounded like a glass harmonica; I've never seen one.

That whole night was a series of turning a corner, finding an unexpected beautiful, unique, hammered sort of instrument that I could actually play easily, and then moving on to contiunue strolling through the place. With a sense of unhurried delight, being able to return to any instrument if I decided upon one. I can't remember most of them. I often have these storehouse dreams, and I'd love to have instruments in them all.

Any more stories?

Spaw, Cleigh looks scary. Can I clicky him into some other messages?