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Posted By: wysiwyg
15-Feb-00 - 12:01 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Island Folk Festival
Subject: RE: BS: Mudcat Island Folk Festival
The deck crew desert their duty and swim ashore, seeing all the others have left ship for a rollicking good time. Several of them have just completed their arduous training and this is their first duty assignment. Since the women are now allowed to enlist, there is a lone female sailor in the pack. She's tired of weariung standard issue and the boyos are tired of looking at it. Off they go to Frederick's of Hollywood. "You model," say the boys after a quick consultation; "We'll plunder."

"You're on," says she, always ready for a good time with her mates. Those standard issue brassieres not only pinch, they itch.

Several hours later they return to port, heavy laden with much booty. One booty in particular is all tricked out and it ain't a mains'l. She's smiling, humming, "The Last of Barrett's Private Leers." The boys seek beer to replace the fluids lost.

F'Rollickers on the shore are enjoying confections baked on hot rocks.

The owner of the hot rocks is protesting, but feebly, as fresh blackberry bannocks are laid on to warm....

(My husband brought this story back from his trip to see our 2 Navy boys, who report that a trip to Frederick's was indeed done pretty much as described. Let's hear it for our brave and hearty girls in... uniform?)