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Posted By: catspaw49
15-Feb-00 - 09:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Dreaming Never-Made Instruments
Subject: RE: BS: Dreaming Never-Made Instruments
Maybe you're just caught up in the "Hundred Year Crazies."


If you look back over time, it seems that at about the turn of each new century (give or take a bit), there is an interest in "new" instruments. Some of these, although seeming a bit different, enter the musical world and are successful. Many are not. They aren't because they are some of the screwiest ideas imaginable. Invariably, they all develop a following who sing the praises of their wondrous new creation, but after a time are left as particular bits of nuttiness admired by only a few. Such is the way of invention. The last century brought us the Autoharp, a variant on the chorded zither, along with a boatload of wacky creations mainly lost in obscurity or now prized for their uniqueness rather than any true musicality.

Personally, I think I'll take a Sousaphone bell and attach it to a bagpipe chanter, split the airstream with a bassoon reed so that half is directed across 48 strings which are strung across the bell and tuned pentatonically, but in 8 different keys. A banjorine suspended from the bottom, free swinging and untuned, can then slam into bodhrans affixed to soprano recorders on either side of the bell and attached to a timing mechanism that shoots a Ukelin into the audience every 43 beats. Gotta' call it some sort of harp to assure its success. Blattofartublialharp...Yeah, that's good.

.....or maybe an Ass Blown Possum........... Nah, that's too stupid.