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Posted By: Amos
14-Feb-00 - 10:52 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Island Folk Festival
Subject: RE: BS: Mudcat Island Folk Festival
Accch, for a figure head, she cuts a pretty mean figur ein her Own Right. Y'know I notice the Gaeilic Goddess didn't strike mne dead for putting the dancing leprechaun in to the thread. Maybe she thought my remark was aimed elsewhere...
Catters all, kAT and Susan especially, since the tide is going out on Valentine's Day and the smell of wet sand and salt breezes are in my face and you have been so kind and good as to create such beautiful song in my life...and as I've had several glasses of cheap wine with dinner...let me add, you have my undying affection and if you are ever in need of a Valentine I stand ready! I know of no finer honor in the world than so to serve the ladys of the Mudcat. With a will! With a Will!!.
Now I have to solve the puzzle of the lucky Charms..
(He strides slowly, dragging his toes in the moist tide bed, to the schooner, gently riding at the quay with moonlight glinting from her spars and mast tops, and steps aboard, disappearing into the after cabin to drink black rum and compose quatrains to the Goddess...)