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Posted By: Susan A-R
14-Feb-00 - 10:41 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Island Folk Festival
Subject: RE: BS: Mudcat Island Folk Festival
Yet another fiddler ambles along the beach looking at the beach, thenstopping to gaze at the moon sings

Last night I dreamed a doleful dream of shipwrack and storm and harm Last night I saw the old moon lyin' with the new moon in her arms.

Shaking herself, she pulls out the fiddle and begins playing Midnight on the Water, and dancing couples begin to drift out onto the beach to waltz to the lovely melody. A string of waltzes (Another Land, The O Carolan one she can never spell, Star of County Down, Margaret's Waltz, South Wind, and Ashokan Farewell spin out over the sea. Then the other fiddler with the beer reuturns and the pace shifts to more lively stuff. Even the possum joins in the dance, thumping his little clay paws and whistling a high descant to the tunes. Even that sad red headed guitar player takes a spin or two out on the sand, although he mainly plays an amazing guitar to give the danc body and to keep it grounded.

A fine bonfire is blazing, and skewers of fish, roast corn and smores are sustaining the dancers as the moon rises high in the sky.