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12-Jul-06 - 04:31 AM
Thread Name: Story selection - storytelling to adults
Subject: RE: Story selection - storytelling to adults
For storytelling style try to get hold of a recording of Alec Stewart; his somewhat flat, down-to-earth, laconic delivery, underplaying the supernatural and magic elements of his stories, particularly in his 'Jack' tales is masterful.
I know about the time limit on storytelling nowadays, the people we met came from a time when time was plentiful; no televisions or other distractions (or Travellers with no electricity in pre-transistor days). The point I was making is that an audience that is prepared to listen to a story will not care how long it is. I've seen audiences when a storyteller who has tried to shorten a story (Travellers), demand that they tell it properly "you've missed a bit".
I'm not suggesting that you tell long ones; just that they are there if you have the opportunity to (and want to). The argument of reduced attention span that is often put forward, doesn't stand up in my experience. Somebody who will sit for hours reading a book will also sit and listen to a well-told story.
Confidence, first in the story, then in the audience, is probably the most important element in storytelling.
For humorous traditional storytelling on record, search for John Campbell from Armagh; there are a few of his cassettes floating around. He often appears with magnificent singer Len Graham and they compliment each other perfectly. They sometimes appear at clubs and festivals in the UK but I recently heard that John is quite ill, so he won't be touring for the time being.
Good luck,
Jim Carroll