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Posted By: Helen
12-Jul-06 - 02:13 AM
Thread Name: Obit: John Day, instrument maker, Oz
Subject: RE: Obit: John Day, instrument maker, Oz

Hi, I don't know if I have met you. I definitely don't know anyone by the name of nager. I live in Newcastle so I haven't been to the Wangi sessions.

I have to admit to being a bit at a loss to confirm what was more or less just hearsay about John. I tried to phone a couple of people to make sure the rumour was true but no-one was answering and I didn't want to bother his family. Do you have any more information, especially about when his funeral is likely to be held?

You're totally right about toning everything down to hear John play the dulcimer and sing. I know he made a couple of harps after mine, sold the first and kept the other, but I don't know whether he made much progress with playing the harp.

I saw him and Joan briefly a few months ago but, not being currently a member of either the folk club or the Tuesday sessions, I have not seen them at all for the last few years before that. I'm lucky to have had that brief time to catch up with them, I can see that now.

As to South Wind, apparently it isn't a Carolan tune, but many people think it is. Donal O'Sullivan collected it, I think.

This site has some info on it:
The Session - Tunes - South Wind

John sang the lyrics beginning:

South wind of the gentle rain, you banish winter weather
Bring salmon to the pool again, the bees among the heather
If northward now you mean to blow, as you rustle soft above me
God speed be with you as you go and a kiss for those that love me