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Posted By: Bert
11-Jul-06 - 12:22 PM
Thread Name: Story selection - storytelling to adults
Subject: RE: Story selection - storytelling to adults
And here's another one for ya.

Little Ol' Red Rose - Bert Hansell

It was dark and it was raining.

It was one of those days when you go to work in the dark and work all day, and when you come home it's dark again, and you wonder where the day went.

My wife was complaining, she was complaining about the rain, and complaining about the dark, and complaining about the young un keeping us awake half the night, and complaining that we were late for work.

I said "Well I'm gonna make us a bit later 'cos I've got to stop for gas".

She said "Why didn't you stop for gas last night, you know we never have time in the morning".
I said "Because I was tired and I didn't think of it. Why didn't YOU get gas last night?"

Well, I filled up with gas and went in to pay. I just got out my wallet when I saw her tail lights disappear down the road.

The Manager grinned and said "You're in big trouble now boy". I said, as casual as I could, "Oh she'll be back" adding to myself "I hope".

I said "can I use your phone" he said sure for a local call. So I called the boss and asked if I could have the day off. He said "OK; without pay!"

I got myself a cup of coffee and one of those plastic poncho things and I said to the guy "You'd better give me one of those red roses that you've got in that bucket there".

I went outside to wait in the rain, taking a sip of coffee now and then to keep warm. I looked like a sack of garbage in that plastic poncho, and pretty much felt like one too.

After a while she came back and pulled up alongside. She pushed open the door and said, "I got you a six pack of beer, lets go home and waste what's left of the day" I handed her the rose, and by the look on her face I could see that the day wasn't going to be wasted after all.

Well that was a long time ago now and we've just seen the little un off to college. But we still get a laugh now and then when we pass that gas station.

I'll say "You know the best present I ever had was a six pack of beer, how about you?"
and she'll say "Oh! Just a little ol red rose"