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Posted By: alanabit
04-Jul-06 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: What if We had Lost The Revolution ?
Subject: RE: BS: What if We had Lost The Revolution ?
First up, Happy Fourth of July to everyone over there! I think Jerry's original post was a lighthearted one, because in reality, Independence in the statutory sense could only possibly have been deferred. Its destiny was always certain. Independence may not have been recognised by treaty before, but it was the reality on the ground. A new nation was already forming and no amount paper waving could change that reality.
Personally, I can live without Coca cola, oversized cars, chewing gum, heavy duty advertising and the garish TV productions. These things are presented to me as the substance of American culture. I don't believe it all and I believe that many Americans feel their country represents something much better to them. I can see some of this kindness and thoughtfulness at Mudcat.
I often feel our British identity is falsely described in terms of our royals, our class system and the ridiculous pretensions of empire - which robbed our own citizens nearly as much as the invaded countries. I think no less of Americans, who have to carry a lot of similar baggage around with them.
Overthrowing an outdated power has always proved easier than building a better system.
Just one suggestion... Any chance you might adopt the European concept of pedestrian precincts? It would make life a little easier for us buskers!