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Posted By: Paul Burke
04-Jul-06 - 03:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: What if We had Lost The Revolution ?
Subject: RE: BS: What if We had Lost The Revolution ?
"We would have treated the Native Americans better? Kind of like the native Irish got treated? I don't think so." Big Mick.

The Irish are still in possession of most of their land (in spite of Dungeon, Fire and Swird). Not so the Red Indians.

No US revolution -> no French revolution, but a relatively peaceful slow liberalisation (which Louis wanted anyway). Probably most of europe following. The peaceful conditions would have hindered the growth of industry in England (no big military market) and so the industrial revolution would have been slower. Without the army's needs forcing up the price of horses and fodder, steam railways would have been slower to develop. Lower absorption of men by the forces would have speeded population growth (though partly counterbalanced by fewer soldiers with fiddles in their knapsacks). Emigration to America, both voluntary and penal, would have increased. The larger population would have put pressure on land, eventually leading to major conflict with aboriginals, who would probably have been forced beyond the Appalachians, but without mechanised transport no further. Australia probably would not have happened, at least not when it did, as America is much nearer.

Slavery would have increased as penal population increased, but would have been mixed- race rather than purely black- probably including aborigoinals in the mix too. Without the machinery that the industrial revolution developed, manpower would have been all the more important. With the growth of a slave caste in America, importation from Africa would have declined, and the slave trade eventually died of its own accord.

Liberal western Europe would probably have eventually resulted in major wars with feudal Russia, and the industrial development would have accelerated maybe 50-100 years later than it did in our history.

With a lower rate of industrialisation, there would have been less competition for oil. The Middle East would have remained a romantic political backwater, only of interest as somewhere on the way to india, which itself might well have remained a collection mostly nominally independent, Balkanised states.

Northern Ireland would have been exactly the same, as nothing there has changed since 1689.

In 1984 Miss M. Roberts, grocer and spinster of Grantham, was taken into custody after a vicious attack on Mr.A.Scargill, a collier from Yorkshire. She claimed he had marched into her shop, demanding lower prices for miners, and singing "'ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go". After an investigation in which it was found that she had sold the family silver, burned the floorboards and stolen milk from local schoolchildren, she was sent to the National Lunatic Asylum at Westminster, London.