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Posted By: Barry Finn
12-Feb-00 - 07:02 PM
Thread Name: Songs about the Exxon Valdez disaster (1989)
Subject: RE: Words? Wreck of the Exxon Valdez?
I'm still looking for the "not to sure of words" to this, now because my daughter wants to use it in her science project based on oil tanker spills. An answer to my own question above, Exxon still refuses to double hull their tankers & states they'll never pay the 5+ billion dollars awarded to those (people, industry & the enviroment) that are still reeling from the disaster. The otter & bald eagle are the only speices that made a recovery, the killer whale has recently been put on the "Not Recovering" list. The government has of late claimed that the spill was at least 33 million gallons & not 11 as Exxon claimed & now Exxon & Mobil may merge. Anyway, thanks to all who posted above. Barry