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Posted By: Ron Davies
30-Jun-06 - 09:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bye Bye Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
Subject: RE: BS: Bye Bye Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

I think you know the word "smear" doesn't apply when discussing taste.

Also, do you know what YMMV stands for? I appended that to my verdict on "Wait Wait" and Jon Stewart, as you will see if you read carefully. I stand by my statement on "Wait Wait". You don't agree--fine. I never claimed it was anything but my opinion.

Actually, I'll have to throw myself on the mercy of the court and confess I'm not an unbiased observer in this. I have a hidden agenda here. I'm convinced "Wait Wait" displaced either "My Word" or "My Music"--or both-- on public radio in my area--and both programs are so superior to "Wait Wait" that the mind boggles. (Again, YMMV). It did not speak well for American taste to have "Wait Wait "drive out either of the others. To my mind, "My Music" is the best radio program ever made--I learned so much from it, the stories were so wonderful, the wit was absolutely delightful, it was so much fun--especially to try to guess the components of the medleys--I was usually a total disaster at trying to do it. John Amis, Frank Muir, Dennis Norden--I can't recall the last member of the panel--it's been too long--but they were all just perfect. I would have been happy to hear repeats of it every Sunday forever. Any program even possibly thought complicit in its disappearance will be forever a deep-dyed villain to me.

To return to topic--- Osama is now calling Mr. Z a "lion of jihad", as I recall. As the WSJ noted earlier, he's far more useful now to the insurgency as a martyr than as the loose cannon he had become.. Was he betrayed on purpose? Who knows? It still remains to be seen it his death will help the "war on terror" in any but an ephemeral way. So far, as per Shania (as I said earlier)--it don't impress me much.