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Posted By: annamill
12-Feb-00 - 05:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: copywright question - not mudcat related
Subject: RE: BS: copywright question - not mudcat related
Parish, I'm asking if this would be considered PIRACY or not. Legally I mean. If it is not considered PIRACY, I would have no qualms about putting in the machine. The machine would never leave the premises so I would be able to look after it, so I'm not concerned about the shape of the machine. I would, however, like to know why you feel this would NOT be a money making proposition. This is a genuine desire to know, because if there is something I'm overlooking, I'd like to know what it would be. I know if someone around here had such a deal, there are many albums I'd like to copy to play in my car, or just play on my CD player without worring about getting up to turn the record over and being able to jump to a track without scratching my record. I think others would feel the same.

..and GG, I'm sorry, I cannot respond to your post because I didn't understand it. Can you reword it please? Thanks. Does it mean you think it's a bad idea and you're being sarcastic, or are you being sincere and really think I should do it? ;-)

I'm asking my lawyer about this problem next week.

Love, annap