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Posted By: Muttley
28-Jun-06 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: 'Orrible Murder!
Subject: RE: 'Orribble Murder!!
I agree with Barry Finnabout "Long Lankin" - I was going to suggest it myself but thought I'd better read the thread through first. A great murder song.

How about these ones?

SIR JAMES THE ROSE- not only is there a murder (alluded to not described) But there is treachery and a nicely gruesome denouemont.

EDWIN - again, a nice gruesome murder with a final tragedy tossed in for good measure

and lastly

LITTLE SIR HUGH - a "traditional" story in several forms and tunes (though 'countessrichard' might argue the 'traditional' label). It is supposed to have been inspired by the rumour which is said to have sparked the 'Massacre of Jews' in York and (specifically) Clifords Tower, York in (I think) the 14 or 1500's. Again a nice little song with gory details of a child being "Stabbed Like A Sheep....." and his body disposed of in a well after having been enticed inside by a Lady (the capital 'L' is deliberate).

I have all three above on album by "Steeleye Span", though I'm told there are other versions, sung by other artists as well. "Long Lankin" I have only heard done by "Steeleye" as well

However, two other points:

Phillippa - I'm not sure that "I Don't Like Monday's" is about murder, per se. It does contain the lines:
   And all the playing's stopped in the playground now
   She wants to play with her toys awhile
   And school's out early and soon we'll be learning
   And the lesson today is how to die"

That's the only reference, the song is more about a psychological / social breakdown than murder.

As for Earl - how could you suggest "Banks of the Ohio"? it's disgustingly mawkish and despite "Australia's Darling" Olivia Newton-John doing the most recognisable version it's still disgustingly mawkish and Olivia should have been shot herself before she allowed herself to record it. BTW - this is ONE Australian who does NOT think of her as "Our Livvie" or "Australia's Darling" - More like an Aussie version of John Denver, at least she doesn't WRITE the garbage she sings - pity she wasn't hitching a ride on his Ultra-light with him.