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Posted By: CarolC
28-Jun-06 - 12:11 AM
Thread Name: BS: Name the Mudcatters You Have Met
Subject: RE: BS: Name the Mudcatters You Have Met
In partial order of meeting...

Celtic Soul, indieman, Claymore, Shall, Mary Daily, Skivee, Allan C, hesperis, Little Hawk, flattop, Rick Fielding, Duckboots, Peter T, Rana, Black Walnut, Paul Mills, sophocleese, Pene Azul, Kendall, Annie, Jeri, Sinsull, MMario, Micca, Bill D, Ferrara, Charlie Baum, momnopp, GutBucketeer, Dick Swain, Max, Dick Greenhaus, Susan of DT, Janie, Pauline L, Fortunato, Lamarca, Barry Finn, Big Mick, Sandy and Caroline Paton, Dani, Jed Marum, Joe Offer, bert, Marymac90, Norton1, Shadowmonk, somebody from the UK I met at the Royal Mile in Wheaton whose screen name escapes me just now, Wincing Devil, Naemanson, Jack the Sailor, Jande and Malveka, Willie-O, Tinker, Homeless, (somebody) Bob, Roger in Baltimore, Lisa Null, LoopySanchez, iamjohnne, Seamus Kennedy, PeteBoom, maire-aine, John, Hardly, Clinton Hammond, DevilMaster (I think that was his screen name), LeftyDee, Bee-dubya-ell, harpgirl, Troll, Morticia, Annamill, Skipjack K8, catsPHiddle, jacqui.c, InOBU, jimmyt, Bobert, Amos, beardedbruce, Charley Noble, Bat Goddess and Curmudgeon, Edelweiss, Skarpi Iceland, Ebbie, KT, Geoff (the) and Mrs Duck and offspring, rumanci (I think, if she was at the '05 Getaway), John 'Giok' MacKenzie, Leadfingers, Noreen, CET and Charmion, Lonesome EJ, Severn, Sorcha, Gorgeous Gary and Cheryl, georgeward...

There are several with whom I was in the same room/place but never actually met, and no doubt there are probably some I have managed to leave out (sorry).