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Posted By: fox4zero
11-Feb-00 - 08:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: copywright question - not mudcat related
Subject: RE: BS: copywright question - not mudcat related
Dear Annap et al: First of all I think that you would get involved in an unprofitable enterprise....having nothing to do with copyrights. Your equipment would be in shambles in no time. Secondly, you mentioned that this might be a "real money maker". In other words, you are willing to get involved in PIRACY in order to make a buck. The scale may be vastly different, but you and EMI, SONY etc have the same goal. Obviously, there is no problem with copying mechanicals for one's personal use. Nor do I think that there is a problem with swapping tapes with a fellow affectionado. Also I don't believe there is any problem copying, otherwise unavailable public domain material, like Old Homestead does for a fee.

DISCLAIMER-I have a financial interest in copyrighted musical compositions...popular music, not folk.

Love you all, anyway. PARISH